Check Your Pet Food Labels

dog foodOwning two dogs with food allergies, I have to be extremely cautious when buying the girls snacks and food.  If they get even a bit of corn or chicken, they break out in an itchy rash. If you pet is allergic to any foods, it’s important they don’t consume ANY of the ingredients they react to. 

It’s as easy as looking at the back of the bag, but many pet owners don’t quite know what they are looking for.  If the ingredient is listed, even if it’s toward the end, it’s in there.  Most foods only list the main protein in the actual name.  For example, and I am not picking on Kirkland brands, Nature’s Domain Duck Meal and Garbanzo Bean Formula for Dogs, makes you think it’s just duck meal as the protein source.  If you look carefully though, chicken fat is listed and fish meal is an additional protein included.

In addition to looking at ingredients, try to purchase foods made in the USA.  With all the publicity surrounding ingredients imported from China, consumers became hyper aware of this.  Many pets became very ill and some even died from consuming pet food products containing melamine.

Tech Tips

  • Read the WHOLE label.
  • Buy products MADE IN THE USA.
  • Quality food doesn’t have to break the bank. I find many expensive foods are too rich for many pets.
  • Ask your veterinarian to recommend a good food.

What does your pet eat?  Are you happy with it?  How about them?