About Me

Professionally:   I am an Experienced Licensed Veterinary Technician and a candidate for my Executive Masters of Business Administration (August 2016) from the University of Nevada, Reno. I compassionately care for companion animals at Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital in Carson City, Nevada.

My career in the veterinary field has grown exponentially over the last 10 years.  It has allowed me to discover my passion for veterinary anesthesia and pain management, as well as, marketing and promoting preventative medicine and pet wellness. Not only have  I excelled at treating all pets as a special part of someone’s family; I now have a proven reputation to work in a high-stress environment and manage pets’ life-threatening situations.

As an Executive MBA graduate, I look forward to combining my business education with my Animal Science degree and pursuing a new career in marketing for  the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.
Personally:  I reside in Carson City, Nevada with my two pit bulls – Ruby and Godiva.  We enjoy many outdoor adventures together, such as hiking, camping, and running.  When I’m not out with the girls, I take time to dance, travel the world and explore new cultures.
I also consider myself a bit of a fitness nut.  I love getting down and dirty in challenging obstacle courses like the Tough Mudder, and have successfully completed several marathons, half-marathons and ultra-marathons.
 Disclaimer:  While I am a Licensed Veterinary Technician, and work with animals every day; the information found on my blog is not intended to treat, cure, manage, or diagnose ANY veterinary medical conditions.  I am NOT a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and all published content is simply my own personal opinion and a reflection of how I care for my own pets.