My Top Reasons To Microchip Your Pet!

Is your pet microchipped?


IMG_1796According to a national survey conducted by the ASPCA 93 percent of dogs and 74 percent of cats were returned to their owners safely [read more].  Fifteen percent of those pets made it home because they had a microchip or ID tag.

All of our pets have microchips.  I’m NOT advocating JUST a microchip; our dogs wear a collar too!  But…Godiva jumped the fence once without her collar; I was panicked!  Thankfully she had her HomeAgain Microchip!

Tag Free Identity

Each chip contains a unique microchip ID number that is registered to you and your pet. No need to worry if Fido loses his collar.

ONE Time Permanent ID

One chip. One time! That’s all it takes. It’s not mechanical.  No battery or power source required; it can’t wear out!  The microchip scanner emits a low radio frequency that reads the chip. ONE microchip will last your pet’s lifetime.


Visit your vet for a basic checkup and have the microchip implanted under the skin. Costs will vary but should be reasonable ($40-$75). Some pets may already have a chip in place.  Many breeders and adoption agencies implant pets before adoption.

All lost pets get scanned FIRST!

At Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital, the first step we take when we find a missing pet: scan it! The same goes at any animal shelter or adoption agency.


Prevent someone else from someone stealing your pet.  The permanent number is registered to you!

Abandoned pets

Dogs and cats with microchips can be traced back to owners that may have abandoned them.  This could be helpful in legal matters.

Membership Benefits

Many microchip companies offer membership benefits! HomeAgain offers many pet perks like an emergency medical hotline and travel assistance getting home!

Tech tips

If your pet is microchipped:

  • Moving? Phone number changed?  Update all personal information with microchip database holder (HomeAgain, Avid, petkey, etc.)
  • Use a reliable company like HomeAgain that has a national pet recovery database [read more].
  • Program the toll-free number into your cell phone.
  • Keep your pet’s membership current. Enjoy the benefits of service.

If you pet isn’t microchipped:

  •  Make an appointment with your pet’s veterinarian.
  • It’s quick, easy and can be done in a few seconds!
  • Cats and dogs are both candidates for microchipping.
  • Reap the rewards of a microchip membership!


What are you waiting for?  Make the call to the vet…protect your pet!

Author: Aubrie Ricketts

Experienced Licensed Veterinary Technician, Executive Master of Business Administration - University of Nevada, Reno. I love marketing and promoting preventative medicine and pet wellness. I have a dedicated passion for veterinary anesthesia and pain management.

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